Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Yunjin Kim

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Yunjin Kim

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Yinjin Kim

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yunjin Kim is a Korean – American actress who, although has starred in a number of Korean films, is best known for her role as Sun-Hwa Kwon on the television series, “Lost”. Yunjin is one of the sexiest Koreans on the small or silver screen today. She has a simple beauty that is as relevant today as in any time of history. She has the thin frame of most Korean women, but she actually does have a womanly shape to her, which is rare.

I really like this picture a lot. Here we see Yunjin laying down on a beach somewhere. She looks almost asleep, but you know that she’s not. Her left side is basically covered from head to toe with sand. This infers that she was playful shortly before this picture was taken and possibly rolling around in it. She’s wearing some woven material that barely covers her breasts. What beautiful breasts they are, too. From this angle, they look possibly fake (not that I care), but nonetheless, they look very firm and very nice. Also, she’s arching her back which could help. This photo also shows off her beautiful body and the sex appeal that just comes naturally. What I also like is on Lost, you don’t see what a truly sexual creature she is.

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