Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Hye Park

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Hye Park

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Hye Park

Hye Park (more formerly Hye-rim Park) is an extremely sexy and beautiful Korean model. Park, born in Seoul, is currently under Trump Model Management and is known as one of the best Korean supermodels alive. In 2005, Park got her big break when Steven Meisel shot her for the Italian version of Vogue magazine. Since then, Hye has made the catwalk her home walking for such big name designers as: Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. It’s really her part Asian, part American look about her that appeals to so many different audiences. And yeah, she’s smoking hot which doesn’t hurt either.

This picture, although not too sexy really shows off Park’s unmistakable beauty really well. The first thing you notice is her very sweet and very soft facial features. Her eyes are just soft and put you at ease immediately. She does have crooked teeth here, but her honest smile is unmistakable. Then, her beautiful face leads into her soft neckline which you would want to kiss for a while. The rest of her outfit doesn’t showcase the rest of her sexy body, but since she’s stretching her arms in the air, she shows off her large breasts very nicely.

As an added kick, here's another pic showing off her long and beautiful legs.

Sexy Hot Korean Women - Hye Park Long Legs

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